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We are specialists in strategic planning and we work with the NHS, with local government, higher education providers, private healthcare and the not-for-profit sector to deliver sustainable, cost effective solutions - from vision and strategy to service redesign and performance improvement, from concept to detailed planning and delivery, from models of care to change management and capital investment.

As a foundation of successful development, our focus is on effective planning and engagement and on real understanding of service delivery and the professional environment. That understanding is rooted in the collective experience of our partners, whose many years as managers and consultants in health and social care, underpin the extension of our services into other environments including higher education, private care providers and the voluntary sector. We are committed to sharing knowledge and working together in partnership.

We invite you to have a look around to find out more about us and see how we would work with you to deliver practical solutions that will meet today's tough financial and performance challenges and stand the test of time.


We have all had to adapt very rapidly to changing circumstances and the impact that Covid-19 is having on our daily lives and on how we work. We have created a couple of documents linked below, which detail how we can work and provide services to you in a virtual world and also a rationale for why we believe the reappraisal of the estate to align with shifts in processes, priorities and overall strategy is as urgent and important as coping with operational imperatives.

We recognise how difficult the present situation is for healthcare, higher education and other care sectors, simply dealing with the enormous and immediate challenges of keeping people safe and meeting operational imperatives.

However, there are also compelling reasons for thinking strategically now, learning from this experience, considering the changes that, in some cases, have been long overdue and planning for an ‘exit strategy’ that will strengthen and promote your organisation.

What may have seemed radical in terms of how many of us worked in 2019 is now happening and points the way towards future solutions and options for ways of working that will deliver real benefits and help to minimise risk.

At Fusion we have set out how we can continue to support our clients and, in particular, how we can help to facilitate this process of strategic adjustment and reappraisal, underpinning decisions with analysis and evidence, which is our core business.

As a company we don’t have a central office that we travel to – when we are not working alongside clients we are based in our ‘home offices’ so, to us, working remotely and communicating through video, using file sharing platforms, etc. is perfectly normal. We have been operating successfully using virtual technologies since Fusion started in 2008. Please have a look at the attached links for further details and get in touch.



We are committed to working with clients to add value. We believe that consultants like us should behave this way. If you think so too, we would be delighted to discuss your needs and how we can help you.


We want to go the extra mile because we believe that we are as much stakeholders in the success of a project as you are. We therefore adopt a highly flexible approach to our work for you. A successful project reflects on us as well as on our clients. It's a win/win and that is what we strive for.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful project or enterprise. We believe in teamwork and will engage openly and honestly. We use up to date communications and data transfer technologies to share project progress and outputs. If there is a problem, we will tell you and explain how we'll put it right.


Projects are only ever fully successful if we ensure complete understanding of your requirements and expectations, in terms of outputs and timescales, likewise it is important that you understand how we will fulfil those requirements. We will ensure that, whatever size the project, there is a robust process of briefing, clear understanding of outputs and timescales and clarity on fees. We like to keep surprises for Christmas.


We will ensure that there is a carefully considered and structured approach to each project including a clear project and resource plan. This ensures that each stage of a project is built on firm foundations, no matter how complex (or seemingly simple) the project is. We are adept at ensuring that a project moves forward, avoiding stalls in the process through indecision or lack of information.

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Business Cases

Business Cases



Since 2008, we have completed over 100 projects for clients including:

University of Bangor

University of Oxford

University of Liverpool

Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust

Bradford District Care Trust

Sunderland Eye Hospital

Stockport HNS Trust

Velindre NHS Trust

West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Groups

Hywel Dda University Health Board

Isle of Wight NHS Trust (Wight Life Partnership)

South West London Pathology

Circle Health

States of Jersey

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Universities Hospital NHS Trust


South Bucks Hospice

Arthur Rank Hospice, Cambridge

Girton Town Charity

Powys County Council

Lancashire County Council

Birmingham Women's Hospital Foundation Trust

Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust



Our partners are experienced specialists. Their combined experience covers all aspects of Fusion's offering and allows a comprehensive coverage of each client's needs.

Adrian Vickers

Adrian Vickers

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones


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