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Fusion specialises in the development educational estate strategies, primarily in higher education however also applying our knowledge base in estate strategy to any educational organisation which has complex needs with a complex and variable student demand.


Higher education provider organisations are constantly evolving and need to respond flexibly to future demands and pressures to ensure long term sustainability. They work with diverse stakeholders and 'customers' who are committed, articulate and intelligent but may have differing views, requirements and priorities.


Fusion has built up a significant knowledge base within higher education, allowing us to deliver high quality outputs that clarify vision and translate strategy into meaningful, tangible, evidence-based plans that command support.

We have developed highly valuable capacity planning models to evidence base the organisation's requirements for teaching and learning spaces using their own timetabling information, but using it in a strategically orientated manner to understand where investment needs to be focused as an organisation changes and grows.

Two of our HE case studies - focusing on empirical evidence through modelling are shown below:

spatiale CS UoL.png
spatiale CS RAU.png
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